Monday, March 4, 2019

Bernie Sanders is all in …

The Vermont senator has raised an impressive $10 million in less than one week.

And this past weekend he hosted the first official campaign rally in Brooklyn promising a political awakening that will send him to the White House.

His message hasn’t changed much since 2016 …

Back then, Sanders made no bones about it: He wanted free stuff for everyone. The self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist offered the moon.

For instance, 
  • College education, FREE
  • World peace, FREE because we won’t be the policeman of the world
  • Universal health care that pretty much covers everything under all circumstances with no more copays, no more deductibles for only a small tax on the middle class
  • And to top it off, a guaranteed $15 per hour minimum wage 

How to pay for the $17-$20-$30 trillion or so in more spending he proposed in 2016?

Tax the rich and Wall Street speculators. 

The problem is that even if a Sanders’ administration had confiscated all of the wealth of those greedy billionaire robber-barons, it wouldn’t come close to covering the new spending he promised.

So stay tuned.

The field of Democrats is growing larger all the time. How they’ll differentiate themselves from Bernie while attracting the “Bernie Bros” should be entertaining.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Coin-operated toilet

Now here's something I never thought of ...

A landlord in Melbourne, Australia installed a coin-operated toilet in his rental. The tenant has to pay $1 every time he flushes. 

#landlord, #tenant