Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Is the Veep Just Cheap?

I like Joe Biden. He kicks back on the White House lawn to have a beer with the boys, can spout off a good ethnic joke at the drop of hat, and doesn’t care who is listening when handing out sage advice to his boss. Plus he is always smiling.

You can’t blame him, life is good: Free government housing, free government transportation, and according to his just-released tax return made $379,000 in 2011.

Yet he and Jill only gave a measly $5,540 (1.46%) to charity last year.

That’s disturbing, especially from a guy who isn’t shy with bloviating that the rich should do more to pay their share. Maybe he doesn’t consider himself rich. After all he was the poorest member of the Senate when he was chosen to be Obama’s running mate.

But since I like Joe so much, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that he is not cheap … just uninformed.

And as a jester of good will, I’m going to send him a copy of the second edition of A Donor’s Guide to Planned Giving.

After Joe is finished reading it, he’ll understand:

  • The most common type of gifts,
  • How to make his gifts,
  • Alternative gifts,
  • And much more.
So by this time next year when Joe sends in his 1040, he will finally have something worthwhile to brag about.

Best wishes,


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