Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Where to find the biggest bang for your dollar in 2012

Time recently published a list of items expected to get cheaper and a list of those expected to shoot up in 2012:

The cheaper list:

·       Wine priced at $30 or more a bottle is collecting dust on store shelves. To move stock, retailers will offer discounts.

·       Car rentals agencies have a glut of vehicles sitting idle on the lot. They’ll offer discounts to get those cars on the road.

·       This year many computer-related items like eBook readers and tablets will come down in price ahead of the iPad 3 release.

·       3-D TV is a relatively new technology that will hit critical mass this year, and with many new designs and makers in the game, prices will fall to an irresistible level.

·       Home prices fell about 3% last year and should fall that much again this year.

And the list of items expected to go up:

·       Fewer flights will lead to higher ticket prices. American Express predicts prices in North America will rise 5% for economy seats and 7% for business class.

·       Wholesale food prices are rising, and the costs are being passed along to consumers. Food costs rose 6% last year and will rise again in 2012. These increases will be felt most at home, not in restaurants, where the costs are easier to absorb.

·       Fuel prices began inching up just before the holidays and are expected to again reach $4 a gallon at the pump.

·       The U.S. Postal Service will raise rates by 4.6% next year while both FedEx and UPS are hiking small-package rates by 4.9%. It may be the end of common free-shipping features for online shoppers.

·       To make up for budget shortfalls, local authorities will jack up the levy for everything from dog licenses to vehicle registration and parking. Look for local cops to write more tickets too.

You can find the complete article here.

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  1. George, under duress I signed a settlement agreement in a private company I co-founded that gave me 20% of the stock. It has not ever made a profit after 5 years, nor given me stock certificates, nor P&L's. What kind of option/recourse is available?

  2. It depends on what was in the agreement. I would think that you are at least entitled to P&L statements. After all the board might be giving officers fat bonus while you’re left with nothing.

    Did you have an attorney look over this before you signed it? If so, go back to him or her. If you didn’t, I would get one right away. It might cost you a few bucks but if nothing else could get you the accounting you need.

    Good luck!


  3. Yes, we did have an attorney involved. We have wondered about getting the SEC or the IRS involved as red flags for a 'hobby business' as they are wealthy and have a number of other sources of income and a lavish lifestyle.

    Thanks for your comments; any others would be appreciated.

  4. If it’s a private company, I can’t see the SEC doing anything. They’re mainly concerned with public-traded companies.

    The IRS, however, is another story. They’re always looking for ways to nab tax-cheats. And they even pay rewards to people who report them. Here's a link (http://www.irs.gov/compliance/article/0,,id=180171,00.html)for more info.

    Have a good weekend!