Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Stop by Bethlehem’s latest addition

Last month I visited family in Bethlehem, PA. This 270-year old city — known throughout the world as Christmas City USA — experienced the best of American industry back in the post-WWII economic boom. But by 1970, its #1 employer, Bethlehem Steel, started feeling pressure from foreign competition.  And the company officially closed its doors for good in 2001.

In 2007, the Sands bought Bethlehem Steel’s 1,600 acre site. And two years later, the Sands Casino Resort opened. So I had to take a look and see what it was like.

The place is pretty spectacular … a hotel, restaurants, and of course gaming. 

I’ve never seen so many slot machines — more than 3,000 of them. Penny slots all the way up to $100 a pop.

Almost very machine had a player pounding the “play” button or yanking the lever. Even my cheapskate brother pulled a moldy $10 out of his wallet and worked the penny slots for more than an hour. He lost it all, but he left with a smile on his face … a rare occurrence indeed.

As for me, I took advantage of the $5 the Sands gives to first-time visitors. And I walked out with a $1 cashout voucher, which I can use the next time I go.

So if you’re near Bethlehem over the holidays, stop by the Sands. They’ll give you $5 to play anyway you wish. You just never know, you might hit it big!   

Good luck!  


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