Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nanny State’s anti-McDonald’s campaign continues

On May 17, I wrote about the Happy Meal laws floating around the country. Then the very next day, I reported that there was a plot to ax Ronald. Well, it seems that the busybodies and Washington bureaucrats with too much time on their hands are at it again ...

They’ve pressured McDonald’s into adding more fruit and reducing the number of fries in its Happy Meals. It’s all in an effort to cut childhood-obesity. Whether kids will even eat the fruit is a different story.

But now parents have another dilemma: According to the Pesticide Action Network (PAN) many fruits, including apples, grapes and peaches are loaded with pesticides!

So I have a better idea that should appease the anti-fries crowd ...

Have your kids plant a garden.

Even if it’s only a few potted plants on the patio or balcony, imagine the possibilities:

• They’ll get off their butts, breathe some fresh air and get some exercise.

• They’ll learn that food doesn’t magically appear in a red cardboard box.

• It’s something you can do together.

• You control what goes on your veggies.

• And kids may actually acquire a taste for something homegrown!

Perhaps I’m biased. I love McDonald’s fries. And I think the company is a good corporate citizen. In fact, I own some MCD stock. And I completely agree the obesity epidemic is causing major heath problems.

But you can’t change kids’ eating habits by shoving a few slices of fruit in front of them and taking away a couple of fries. It has to come from a lifestyle change in which a parent’s personal responsibility comes into play.

Furthermore, I don’t like those small brains in our over-bloated government telling us how much of what, kids in this country should eat. After all, what’s on the regulators’ agenda next …

Banning goldfish? Been done

Banning yellow pages? Been done

Banning circumcisions? Been done

Banning sale of all soft drinks on city property? Been done

Banning all pet sales? Been done

Good grief!


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