Friday, December 9, 2016

Writer's Digest book review ...

I entered What You Must Know BEFORE Becoming a Greedy Landlord in the 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards contest.

Here is Judge #87’s Commentary:

The writer’s tone and amusing (though often, if you think about it carefully, very depressing) anecdotes make this book fun to read, even for a reader who has no interest in owning rental properties. 

My favorite parts of the book are the pieces of practical advice I wouldn’t have thought of myself (such as driving by a potential rental property at night and not buying property more than 10 miles away from where you live yourself), along with the stories of terrible tenants and common mistakes.

I’m wondering how many renters really like the idea of the landlord visiting monthly to replace the air-conditioning filters, and whether this is really a common practice among landlords.

The writer is very frank throughout most of the book; a place where I would suggest more frankness is on just what the potential landlord should have going for him or her before getting into the business.  How much cash money does the potential landlord really need?  How much in the way of skills? 

For example, the writer says he was able to repaint a whole house in two-and-a-half days and then re-carpet it in just a few more.  This suggests a great deal of skill on his part.  

Is it worth it for a new landlord to get into the business at all if he or she is not prepared to do those things?

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