Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kim gives $200,000 to charity

As you likely know by now, Kim Karashian and Kris Humphries raked in around $17 million when they tied the knot. Then two months later, they split.

The reasons floating around for the breakup range from abuse, to nude photos, to the difference in their ages. And of course there’s speculation that the whole thing was a scam to pull in the big bucks.

Who knows … and frankly I don’t give a hoot. They’re either loons or a very clever couple. Your pick. Either way, there’s something kind of cool that came out of the whole thing …

Karashian has reportedly donated double the value of her wedding gifts to charity. The gifts were worth an estimated $100,000. And the reality star gave the Dream Foundation — which grants wishes for adults facing life-threatening illnesses — a check for $200,000.

Kim apparently is very passionate about this charity and said giving makes her feel warm and fuzzy.

So do you have a favorite charity or cause you’ve been thinking about helping out? If Kim Karashian can find one, surely you can too.

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