Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another great ski trip!

I have written before about one of the best ski spots I’ve found: Brundage, Idaho. And we recently returned from a trip out there.

Didn’t have much fresh snow, but the slopes were well-groomed, moderate temperatures, and no crowds. Can’t beat that!

This year, though, we got a special treat: Tamarack was open.

Tamarack Resort is about 30 minutes outside McCall. And it ran into big-time money problems after the real estate market bombed in 2008. When I was in Idaho two years ago, the place was locked up tight.

Apparently they’ve reached an agreement with lenders letting them open this season.

Like Brundage, the slopes were well groomed, the staff was friendly, and the prices reasonable.

So if you can get to Idaho, be sure to check out Tamarack . It’s only open Thursdays through Sundays. But you could ski a few days in Brundage and a few in Tamarack. You won’t be disappointed!

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