Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Workers losing confidence

According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute's annual survey on retirement, 27% of respondents said they are “not at all” confident about having enough to retire comfortably, up from 22% last year. Workers are bumping up the age at which they plan to retire and continuing to work during retirement. The percentage who expect to work past 65: 36% this year, from 11% in 1991. There are many reasons why workers are delaying retirement, including:

  • Poor economy
  • Lack of faith in Social Security
  • Change in employment situation
  • Can’t afford to retire
  • Cost of living in retirement will be higher than expected
  • Want to be sure they have enough money to retire comfortably
  • Click here to read the complete survey. So what can you do to give yourself a better chance of retiring when you had hoped? You might consider a tax-deferred annuity … A report by The Insured Retirement Institute found that the tax deferral of annuity earnings is of greatest benefit to middle income Americans, who comprise the largest segment of annuity owners. Also with 80 percent of annuity buyers having incomes less than $100,000 and 64 percent earning less than $75,000, insured retirement strategies clearly play a significant role in the retirement income planning of middle class Americans. To learn more about annuities and The Insured Retirement Institute, click here. Best wishes, George

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