Thursday, November 19, 2009

Costa Rica Offers More Than Sand and Surf

I get to Costa Rica quite often. I love the place … the mountains … the beaches … the volcanoes. But I’ve also seen how it is becoming a preferred destination for Americans seeking high-quality, inexpensive medical care. With all the ninnyhammers in Washington blabbering about health care reform, I thought I’d take a look at how Costa Rica’s prices compare to ours. So I asked a good friend of mine who lives there, George Lundquist, about his experiences. Here’s what he had to say: “My wife and I have used Costa Rica’s medical facilities several times: George

  • Lens transplant for cataract including pre-and post-op care … $1,300
  • Surgical implant of valve in eye to relieve advanced glaucoma, including pre-and post-op … $1,800
  • Surgical procedure and overnight in La Cima (hospital) to remove one kidney stone. Included two urologists (one trained at Mayo), an anesthesiologist, operating room, pre-and post-op … $6,000

Aija (George’s wife)

  • Visited the dermatologist and had 60 lesions removed using both cryogenic and laser, very painless and effective … $150.

We have our six months blood and urine lab tests done for free on our National Health Insurance (CAJA) and see our personal, local GP for $20 to get the results. Then he writes the prescriptions on the CAJA, which are filled for free.” George and Aija moved to Costa Rica in 2001. Today, he is the go-to-guy if you are considering retiring in Costa Rica. He even runs a top-notch tour to show you how you can live very comfortably there on Social Security alone! Here’s his Web site: Scroll to the bottom and you’ll find links to the La Cima and Biblica Private Hospitals. They will quote on any procedures. Best wishes, George

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